Pang Valley Scouts

Young Leaders

Young Leaders are 14-18 year olds who volunteer with a younger section. Download our recent flier to find out about upcoming training and information for young leaders. Download Here.

Who can be a Young Leader?

Young leaders are young people between the ages of 14 and 18. Any young person between 14 and 18 can be a Young Leader. Often, a Young Leader will already be an Explorer Scout, but they may choose to be a Young Leader only, and may even join a Section for a limited time in order to complete a period of service for, for example, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. However, it is important that ALL Young Leaders are registered with the District, regardless of whether or not they take part in the wider Explorer Scout Programme.

They are automatically members of the Young Leader Explorer Scout Unit which does not meet formally on a regular basis in Pang Valley but by attending Training Courses and occasional activities, does mean they can meet other Young Leaders from around the District.

Why do Explorer Scouts become Young Leaders?

Explorer Scouts become Young Leaders to:

  • have fun!
  • gain the knowledge, skills and confidence required to become an effective leader
  • further their own personal development
  • complete the service requirement of one of the Explorer Scout Awards
  • complete the service requirement of other awards, such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme
  • acquire some of the skills needed for the Adult Training Scheme.

What makes up the Young Leader’s Scheme?

With the exception of Module A, this is a voluntary training scheme so Young Leaders don’t have to do it but we hope that they will give some or all of the Modules a go! We try and make them as fun and interesting as possible. The scheme also has a number of Missions (projects) that can be completed to put what has been learnt into action!

The Modules

Module A – Prepare for take off! This is the only compulsory module, and covers areas which every Young Leader will need to know (see below).

Module B – Taking the lead! The basics of leadership styles and the role of a leader.

Module C – That’s the way to do it! Exploring ways of instructing younger members.

Module D – Kids behaving badly. How to deal with difficult or challenging behaviour.

Module E – Game on! The importance of games in the programme, how to run them and some ideas.

Module F – Making Scouting Accessible. Understanding how to involve members with special needs.

Modules G and H – Programme Plans/Programme Plans Plus. Looking at how to plan programmes both short  and long term.

Module I – What did they say? Communicating effectively with younger members, and listening skills.

Module J – Awards and Badges. How they fit in with a Balanced Programme.

Module K – First Aid Masterclass. First Response course or equivalent. If there is enough interest, we occasionally run these in the District or it can be done within the Unit.

The Missions

As mentioned, there is the opportunity to complete four projects or Missions  – 1, 2, 3 and 4, each designed to build on what has been covered by the Modules, and each slightly more involved than the one before.

Completing Module A

This is the only compulsory module. All Young Leaders MUST complete Module A within 3 months of joining the Young Leaders’ Unit wherever possible. We try and put on several courses throughout the year and on different evenings so that hopefully there is one that is convenient for you!

Module A is important because it covers the key areas which EVERY Young Leader will need to know whether or not they go on to do any of the other Modules:

  • The Purpose and Method of the Scout Association
  • Child protection
  • Policy, Organisation and Rules
  • Activity rules and safety

After attending this Module, Young Leaders will get a certificate and the Young Leader Badge which can be worn on the Explorer Scout uniform.

Badges are also awarded for completing the four missions and, if all of these have been achieved and the Modules attended, a Young Leader Belt Buckle can be gained to recognise the effort put in and all the work undertaken!

Finally, completion of some or all of the modules and missions, and experience gained as a Young Leader, may be credited as prior learning when, we hope, that you might consider becoming an adult leader and take part in the adult training scheme!

But in the meantime, enjoy your time as a Young Leader in Pang Valley District!